Custom Towel Solutions

We offer a wide variety of products for any towel service solution. Wether you provide carded towel service, self service or full service, we have the products to serve your needs. All of our towel service stations are built to order, and every detail, color and finish can be designed and adjusted to be the perfect for your brand and style of service. You can pick one of our existing designs, or we can design custom equipment to best service your needs. 

Some of our most popular towel solutions: 

Towel station with roof and towel drop

Towel Service Stand

Service/Self Service Towel station with towel display, and towel return. (72"W x 32"D x 84"H). Available in several sizes and finishes.

Towel Cart Enclosure

Towel Cart Enclosure 

Towel cart enclosure for plastic towel carts (60"W x 48"D x 38"H).

Self Service Towel Stand with Towel Drop

Towel Stand

Self service towel display with towel return (48"W x 29"D x 38"H). Available in several sizes and finishes.

towel display station with towel drop

CB Towel Display 

Self service style towel station with towel drop.


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