The beach hut is the most important part of any beach.

It's the organizing structure, the hub between the hotel and its guests.  The beach itself is the culmination of every guests journey. The importance of the quality of the products and the service you receive once you get there can not be overstated .Our goal is to continue each brands unique guest experience onto the pool deck and down to the sand for the ultimate beach & resort experience, with added amenities and increased revenues as a result.

Extend your brand onto the pool deck and down to the beach for a truly complete guest experience

With todays evolving technology it is easier and more affordable than ever to provide the best of amenities for your guests. We design and build custom beach huts w/ solar panel installed, so you can use anything from ceiling fans and WiFi to  Point of sale systems to charging stations for cell phones and tablets. We design and build the equipment at our shop. From initial concept to finished product.