Beach Huts

The beach hut is the organizing structure, the hub between the hotel and its guests.  The beach itself is the culmination of every guests journey. With todays technology it is easier and more affordable than ever to provide the best of amenities for your guests. We design and build custom beach huts w/ solar panels installed, so you can use anything from ceiling fans and WiFi to Point of sale systems to charging stations for cell phones and tablets. We design and build the all the equipment at our shop. From initial concept to finished product.


Product Details

Materials: We use prime, pressure treated wood for all structural wood members as well as high quality paints and primers inside and out for maximum durability.  Stainless steel is used for all hardware (screws, hinges, locks &  latches.) Sliding doors and countertops are made using Starboard®, a durable marine-grade polymer material.  Panel tracks are made using 1/8 gauge aluminum. The exterior panelling will be build in either T1-11 pressure treated plywood, solid custom made pressure treated wood, or Kebony®.

Construction: The structure is build of solid pressure treated wood. The structure sits on "skis" so it can be easily lifted and moved. Pending the project location and access the beach hut either comes fully assembled and "turn-key" ready, or in components ready for assembly.

Standard Size: 8'-8' (other sizes available)

Finishes: Available in several different sizes and colors.

Lead time: 8-10 weeks pending product scope and size

The Process


The equipment will be constructed off-site and we may be able to provide a fast track construction of 4-6 weeks once in receipt of retainer, completed design & acceptance of this proposal. Our normal delivery time is 8-10 weeks. Design fee, fast track construction,materials, painting, applicable sales tax, and curbside delivery is included. Terms: We typically require a 60% retainer in order to start work, 30% upon substantial completion and the final 10% at time of shipment and/or delivery.

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